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        18 Years of Rock

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      /rif is an Indonesian rock band formed in Bandung, West java, Indonesia, in 1994. Since its inception, the bands line-up has included Andy (vocals), Jikun (guitar), and Magi (drummer). The bands current bass player is Tedy and another guitar player is Ovy who has been with the band since 2004

      Has been described through the years as the hottest and the sexiest rock band in Indonesia and one of Indonesias best selling groups. They will easily recognized by their fashion image, make ups and their rock & roll attitude.

      Became Sony Music Indonesia first artist, they released the first album in 1997 with the first single called Radja. This song was such an anthem for all young people of that time. Since their debut in 1997, they have released 8 studio albums and several compilation albums such as OST of Spiderman in 2002.

      /rif has been performed on the same stage with many international bands such as;
      KORN, CREED, SMASHING PUMPKINS, MR. BIG, and has been chosen as opening act for GUNS N ROSES.

      Previously in June 2006 /rif performed in Macel Cerdan, Paris. Few months later, in December 2006 performed in Diamond Hall, and in 2014 performed in Nagoya, Japan. In December 2014 /rif closed the year by performing in one of the biggest national rock fest. called ROCK IN CELEBES.

      Until now, after 21 years, the band is still producing great music and performing their crazy attitude on every stage with tight schedule.

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